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'Its about letting the world know I found a way out' 
- Larry Williams



Note: this is the Legacy Futurestech FX Trading Site which is no longer updated

Please visit my latest FX Trading Site here: http://malcolmmorley.com.au




Welcome to the Web site of a full-time, private foreign exchange trader.    

This site is now in it's seventh year and makes available my actual foreign exchange trading performance commencing mid December 2003.   In order to retain the semblance of privacy the total amount of funds under management have been re-based to a $100,000 start point at the beginning of each year, and is/will be adjusted to make withdraws and deposits transparent.  

It is hoped that by publishing these results, it will provide family & friends with a basis on which they can discuss my trading, without the embarrassment often felt when discussing personal finances; and to aspiring or established traders, it will provide a rare resource to benchmark their own performance. 

This is an experiment in communication.  I encourage comment and discussion.


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Some background ... 

I have lived and breathed trading ever since trading fx professionally in London, Toronto and Philadelphia in the early 70's (yes I know that shows my age!).  While my professional career subsequently took me from the trading desk to designing treasury systems for some of the world's leading financial institutions, my desire was to always trade for myself.  As a consequence, following 5 years with a major international stock-broker (the last 3 as CIO) I finally went self-employed in March 1999, trading my own account.   For those interested, I have provided a few more details here.

This is a continuing step in that process.

'Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge' 
- Don Henley


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Those active online may already know me as '~chaffcombe' on the OANDA, Wealth-Lab and Elitetrader forums.




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For the aspiring trader I'd also recommend these sites as resources:

http://oanda.com/  , in particular  http://fxtrade.oanda.com/fxgame/






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Contact Information

General Information: morleym@bigpond.com
IMPORTANT:  Please note that as a minimum I will acknowledge to all legitimate emails I receive.  Your questions or feedback are important to me.  However I sometimes inadvertently lose stuff from unknown sources because of an overly zealous spam blocker.  If you do not get a response, please try some other means of contact.    Thanks.
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